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The neighborhood safety software that connects your community and keeps them informed about potential threats and incidents in real-time.

Our Technology

Real-time Alerts

Each neighborhood receives a dedicated Discord channel, where you’ll receive instant updates. Chat with other neighbors by text, voice or video. Each incident posted will have a link back to the software to view more details of the incident.

SMS Notifications

Admins and dedicated watchers can receive instant Text alerts any time an incident or reply is posted, keeping you informed and connected on the go.

Consolidate Information

Each incident that happens you can easily post photos, videos, license plate numbers, descriptions and other important details about incidents with neighbors, which are then stored in a secure database.

Easily share this information via a link with law enforcement or other neighbors

Admin Console

Manage your neighborhood with ease using the power admin console. You have the ability to create and manage multiple neighborhoods, post and reply to incidents, and customize SMS text notifications, you’ll have everything you need to keep your community informed and safe.

Plus, with the built-in charting features, you can easily track and report on criminal activity in your area, providing valuable insights to your neighborhood, home association or management.

This is Neighborhood Watch 2.0!

Stay Connected, Stay Safe

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